Early Purple Orchids

The Montreal Estate - Conservation


At The Montreal Estate we feel we have a responsibility to conserve the land that we own and contract farm, considering the majority of it is land classed to be within the Kent Downs AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). As a result of this view The Montreal Estate currently runs two highly regarded stewardship schemes for Natural England.

Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS)

In 2012, 500 acres were accepted onto the prestigious HLS scheme.  As part of our commitment to the environment The Montreal Estate, in 2011, put aside a grass meadow and enhanced the sward with seed purchased from the Weald Meadows Initiative (WMI). This was to turn the field into a traditional Weald wildflower meadow using seed harvested from within the Weald.  The success of this planting contributed towards Coakham Farm’s acceptance onto the prestigious HLS scheme which was finally approved in 2012.  As part of our HLS agreement the Montreal agreed to have 8 m headlands around arable fields at Coakham and to overseed these margins with further seed supplied by the Weald Meadows Initiative.

Entry Level Stewardship Scheme (ELS)

The Montreal Estate currently has 2000 acres that are subject to conditions under the ELS scheme. These conditions include rotational hedge cutting, fields and field corners put aside for wild birdseed mixes and over winter stubble and other options to encourage wildlife and to help flora and fauna to bloom.