The Montreal Estate - Arable Enterprises


The Montreal Estate has a substantial arable business and grows Oil Seed Rape (OSR), Maize, Barley, Wheat and Oats on 2400 acres. The crops are grown mainly for food production and brewing. The milling wheat has in the past been bought by Warburton’s and Kingsmill Bakers whilst the OSR is sold via Weald Granary to ADM International at Erith.  The OSR is processed by them into rape oil which is used in cooking with the rape meal, a by product of this process, being mixed into animal feed. The Tipple Malting Barley is sold to Meantime Brewery based in Greenwich, South London who use it to make beer.

Nutrient Management

The Montreal Estate strives for high yields and maximum efficiency to increase the viability of the estate. As a result of this the Estate has invested in modern farm machinery, which is capable of what is known as ‘precision farming’. The designs of the machines and technology applied to them has meant this Autumn the arable land has been nutrient mapped and analysed.  The digital mapping will then enable the variable rate fertiliser to automatically reduce or increase fertiliser spread depending on the results of the yield mapping done by both of our combines.  This has a cost and environmental benefit due to the precision of delivery of nutrients, which consequently helps fulfil the Montreal’s rural responsibilities and is a example of modern farming at it’s best.

Harvest Images